01 December 2010

It's official: Republicans plan to say no to everything

See this letter from the Republican leadership to Sen. Reid.

This makes it official. The Republicans are purely, completely, undemocratically, and plutocratically obstructionist on all issues, even using the canard "death tax" and the totally unsustainable myth that the Bush tax cuts have or ever had anything to do with job creation.

Mr. President, Mr. Senate Majority Leader, Call Their Bluff. 

Schedule votes on restoring the Estate Tax to 2008 levels, extending only middle class tax cuts, extending unemployment. Then go on the offensive and call them what they are: obstructionists who only want to hold the American people hostage for the interests of the very rich and Wall Street!

This is a winner for Democrats going forward, if we can only hold firm and united against these elitist bastards and frame the issues correctly so that the people come to realize what's really going on!

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