07 December 2010

OH! the Hypocrisy!

Surely liberals should be able to do something to politically harm Republicans with the rank hypocrisy of their blackmail over the extension of Middle Class Tax Relief.

They all voted NO to this relief when presented with an up or down vote. (I believe there were a tiny number of Republicans who voted yes in the House, but all Senators voted No).

They claim they can't support it because it "kills jobs". Even though there's no evidence for this at all. See Collins' Winner Take All Politics or Reich's Aftershock. Trickle down economics is a pure myth, and the tax on the rich does not affect small businesses. (Any problems with the language can be tweaked; there's no reason to just give billionaires a pass because of a small number of businesses filing individual returns that could easily be exempted from increases.)

Yet they claim they couldn't support extension of unemployment benefits to provide the bare necessities of life for millions made jobless by the Bush Recession because it would "balloon the deficit" and "isn't paid for," even though it's an established fact that every $1 in unemployment benefits yields a $2 return in economic activity helping to spur on the recovery.

So they extort an agreement to give billionaires a two year pass on paying their fair share of the burden of the necessity of government... thereby making the deficit and debt that much worse, and having almost no benefit to the economy, since money saved by rich people has almost no multiplier effect.

And their rationale is out the window, since not only does their extortion add to the deficit, but they threw out their supposed reason for opposing extension of unemployment benefits anyway.

OH! the hypocrisy! It makes me want to vomit.

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