02 December 2010

You're just not really a Democrat, if....

There are some issues that people of good will who think Government should work for all the people may disagree about. But there are some "bottom lines." For example, you're just not really a Democrat if...
  • You think it's OK to focus on reducing the debt by cutting retirement benefits, unemployment benefits, health care coverage, and other benefits which put money or services in the hands of low income Americans and seniors, when it's unpaid-for wars, corporate welfare, unrealistically low and "gamed" taxes on the very rich, and bailouts to Wall Street that have primarily caused the huge national debt.
  • You think it's OK to extend tax cuts ... including the estate tax cuts... enacted under Bush, for the very rich. (And, again, without paying for them!) Real Democrats want real tax reform, to eliminate special privileges for the rich, and make the wealthiest Americans pay much more to equal their fair share... policies favored by Bill Gates Sr., Warren Buffet, and other mega rich people who have a shred of conscience, and policies which we used to have, when we had real prosperity in this country.
  • You don't favor investment in job creation, infrastructure, and education, the pillars of the Great Prosperity under Democrats (and even Republicans who would be Democrats by today's standards) of the past.
  • You don't favor reining in the surveillance state, to ensure Americans' constitutional liberties.
I could go on, but there's a start. Ask yourself... if you don't believe firmly in all of these things, you really should consider joining the Republicans. They need some conservatives, since they're pretty much entirely dominated by extreme Right Wingers.

We Democrats have done a really lousy job at framing our message and getting it out to the people, while the Righties have become consummate masters of propaganda. But I really believe they are going way too far, now, and the great backlash will come, and sooner than they think. Time to choose sides, and I sure as hell know which side I'm on.

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