08 December 2010

My addition to DAILY KOS petition

There just isn't enough in this deal to be worth it for the very great damage done by the extension of tax breaks for the rich and super rich.
• Payroll Tax Cuts... not a good idea to blur the separation of self-financed Social Security and general fund revenue and budget. Better to raise or eliminate the cap on income subject to payroll tax, while keeping income cap on benefits.
• Blanche Lincoln's custom Walton Family version of the Estate Tax... not an acceptable alternative. Bernie Sanders' proposal should be substituted.
•  Extension of unemployment benefits should INCLUDE the 99ers and be for AT LEAST AS LONG as the extension of any tax cuts for the rich if there is to be such an unholy and hypocritical tit for tat AT ALL.
•  Any deal should specify that the tax breaks for the other 98% will be PERMANENT, and any unholy and hypocritical extension for the rich extorted by the Republicans should include AUTOMATIC SUNSET and agreement in principle that there WILL BE NO FURTHER EXTENSION, ever.

Otherwise, not good enough, CALL THEIR BLUFF, and make THEM negotiate with US when the public starts blaming them for raising taxes and cutting off unemployment benefits, which would be in a very few weeks!

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