28 December 2010

Borosage on why it would be political suicide for Obama to favor cutting Social Security

Please read this excellent piece by Robert Borosage on how stupid... indeed suicidal... it would be for the Administration to follow the pernicious and ill-conceived advice of conservatives on cutting Social Security.

This is a total loser of a proposition. The President should promise... RIGHT NOW... that he will hold the trust of the American people that Social Security will continue to be there for them as SACRED. Social Security is off budget and solvent, and contributes nothing to the deficit or debt, and won't do so for many decades (during which time any number of small fixes would solve any problems).

As Borosage points out, runaway for profit medical expenses are indeed part of the problem (as Social Security isn't), but you don't hear the Righties complaining about that... of course not, because too many of them have their grubby hands in that business.

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