14 March 2011

Ian Masters' revamped website and blog

The redoubtable Ian Masters, whom I have touted before as the most intelligent and insightful national and international political commentary/interview show host on all of radio, has revamped his website and added a blog. An excellent resource, especially for information about current content and web access to his excellent radio shows, now broadcast five days a week (KPFK-FM, 90.7 in L.A.; KPKF.org, or):


1 comment:

  1. Ian Masters is a shill. Only a CIA puppet like Masters would invite admitted plagiarist and CIA disinformationist Gerald Posner on his program, among other lying plants in the media. Just yesterady, it was Peter Bergen, another controlled-left Janus of mealy-mouthed lies, whom you can read about here:


    Masters once had on his program a guest who worked with Roger Noriega in the overthrow of Aristide - then had to nerve to go on Ian's Pacifica Radio hoax and pretend to be a good, liberal Aristide supporter, a gross betrayal of the trust listeners bring to KPFK. Masters is CIA toilet scum and should be flushed off the air, ASAP.


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