10 March 2011

Wisconsin Wave • The People's Party • My letter to my Congressman Today

My letter to my Congressman, Howard Berman, today:

Congressman Berman, I call upon you to stand with the protesting state workers and their supporters in Wisconsin, who, as Robert Reich and Michael Moore have correctly pointed out, are the vanguard of a new People's Party, to counter the Tea Party. As Michael Moore told the crowd last Saturday, "We have had it!". We are tired of the BIG LIE from the Right that America is "Broke" and that we can't and shouldn't spend the money to fix our economy, and bring jobs back to 22 million jobless in this country. You'd think Herbert Hoover had come back to life and was running both parties in Washington. Have we learned nothing from the experience of the Great Depression? We must NOT give in to the Republican procyclical budget demands, which will only make the Recession worse. We must NOT allow the Republican Class War on the Middle Class to succeed. We must oppose them, with every Democrat standing with us if they expect us to support THEM in the future. We must fight them, in the streets, in Congress, at the ballot box. And Democratic Congress members and Senators had better make clear whose side they are on, and NOW, if they expect our support.

Thank you.

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  1. I am from RI, and on 3/10 sent a similar letter to the RI Democratic delegation in Congress. Both of our Senators are Democrats; we have two Reps, and both are also Dem's. To date I've received one response from freshman Rep David Cicilline; the letter was full of rhetoric, never answering "how" anything I asked about could or would be done, or even considered.
    I am very interested in a populist movement by the people, for the people. I am a retired public servant and union member. I served RI over 30 years in the Dept of Human Services. I am on the receiving end of the same hostilities and mindset, prevalent on conservative cable and talk radio, that is being experienced by the teachers and other public employees in WI. Somehow the "cause" of all the budget crises across our country is a result of public employee expenditures and pension fund liquidity. That is nonsense, and pitting citizens against each other is pathetic. As we saw, the Tea Party is not on the side of the working people, and the need for a true grass-roots movement is imperative! I read the article by Robert Reich "Principles of the People's Party" and am fired up! lol
    I am interested in starting a People's Party in RI and am open to advice. We need to get started asap!


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