03 March 2011

Today's Electronic Epistle to the White House

I sent this to the White House today:

Boy, it sure would be nice FOR ONCE if the White House would show a tiny modicum of courage and reflect the CLEARLY PROGRESSIVE views of most of the populace, as reflected in the latest NBC/WSJ poll.

Such as, when asked how they would like the government to address the debt/deficit:

81% said impose higher taxes on millionaires.

Similar high percentages said to end Bush tax cuts, end tax breaks for oil and gas corporations, and, cut weapons systems even the Pentagon says it doesn't want, and, interestingly, PRESERVE public employee collective bargaining rights.

At the same time, less than a third supported cutting Medicaid, and only about 20% thought it would be a good idea to cut either Medicare or Social Security, or K-12 education.

Listen up, Mr. President. The mood of the people has already changed dramatically since November, and YOU ARE IN DANGER of being left behind. The message is clear:

FIGHT THE REPUBLICAN ATTEMPTS to cut essential services. FIGHT to eliminate corporate tax breaks (and agricultural subsidies). Fight to end Bush tax cuts. Come out with a tax reform program that asks for more sacrifice from the richest Americans, then go on TV and sell it to the public, and ask them to support you. They will.

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