25 March 2011

Report that a prosecutor in Indiana advised Gov. Walker to fake an attack on himself to discredit protesters... unbelievable!

See this.

No one likes to be tarred with the same brush as criminals who happen to agree with them (even when those criminals are officeholders in their same political party). But I find these kinds of shameless dirty tricks, which are outright crimes, (including Walker's own mention during the punk phone call, of using agents provacateurs in the crowds), come more often from the Rightists than from the sensible Left. The punk David Koch phone call is an example. It was a trick, yes, but somehow it totally lacks the insidiousness of this prosecutor's suggestion that a sitting governor should fake an assassination attempt or attack on himself, to discredit legitimate protesters. The two are just not comparable.

On Wisconsin! I am proud of the Peoples' Party. Join the protests against union-busting, against the Great Fiscal Myth, against the Republican War on the Middle Class! These Rightists are the class warriors, and they care for no one but themselves.

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