07 March 2011

Where is the President? Time for huge change in direction on economy, jobs, fiscal & tax policy: AMERICA IS NOT BROKE

My message to the White House today.

Where is the President? Michael Moore gave the "America is NOT Broke" speech in Madison on Saturday that Pres. Obama should have been there to make.

The President is in danger of being left behind as a movement to RESIST THE RIGHT WING CLASS WAR on the Middle Class is finally underway! 

The President must choose and choose now! He must choose the people, against the uberrich oligarchs. He must say, hell no, we're not going to make massive cuts in jobs and investment in destructive procyclical budget cuts just because the Republicans are obstructionist.

The whole fiscal restraint meme is not going to work for this president, because it is completely nonsensical economically. Talk to William K. Black, Bush 4I's task leader on the S&L Crisis, and get the right course straight. FIRE Geithner already! Get with it before fiscal disaster overtakes this administration completely.

You people totally missed the boat in prosecuting the worst inside job fraud in US History, and ceded the wrath of the people to the Tea Party. THAT's why the November elections were lost. You did it to yourselves. It's almost too late, but if you get some decent PROGRESSIVE economic advice, and formulate a message and SELL, SELL, SELL it to a newly energized "We've had it!" electorate, the Democratic party can come roaring back in '12 and beyond.


Please, Mr. President, WE'RE BEGGIN' YA.

Thank you.

---Your Democratic Wing of the Democratic Party BASE.

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