03 November 2016

A Victory Plan for Climate Change ::: A Call to Arms

To my farflung correspondents: 

If you are genuinely interested in what can be done about Climate Change, take a look at this detailed "Victory Plan" put forward by Climate Mobilization. Warning: it's quite long; it's a detailed agenda for the transformation of society, economically and socially, in order to seriously deal with what scientific investigation has converged on telling us: this threat is not an "oughta do" it's a "gotta do" --- if we fail to remedy the accelerating descent into runaway Climate Change in this century we face extinction. It's as stark as that, no kidding. 

Let me repeat that another way, my friends: This crisis is the greatest threat to civilization ever. Before the invention of agriculture, there was a time when our species was close to extinction, about 150,000 years ago. THIS threat is the most serious to our survival as a species since then (not to mention dragging the whole biosphere down with us in what could be the worst mass extinction since the End-Permian Extinction, 252 million years ago). 

Within the next ten years, the accelerating effects of Climate Change will have made themselves manifest to every man, woman and child in the World. For once, we need to be smart and get out in front of this rapidly developing crisis, and solve it, while creating a better and more economically just society from the Infrastructure development that will be necessary to do it. 

Defeating Trump and electing Clinton is absolutely essential, of course: we must avert that total disaster. But the future is going to require us to stop focusing on nonsense and entertainment, and start focusing on facts: we face a crisis that requires full mobilization, not like the Apollo Program (as folks were saying 20 years ago), but like World War II. Our entire economy needs to be transformed to end net carbon emissions entirely, and hopefully develop technologies that can actually begin to reverse some of the changes that have occurred. 

This will require a serious commitment from all of us. 

Are you ready? 

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