14 November 2016

PLEASE READ: NYTimes: Bernie Sanders: Where the Democrats Go From Here AND another plug for national popular vote compact

Bernie Sanders: Where the Democrats Go From Here http://nyti.ms/2epRZVl

​This sums it up for me. Engage Trump, see what good things may be possible. But plan and strategize to develop a winning coalition. Republican-lite Democratic politics have now conclusively failed, and it's time to rebuild the party as a winning coalition that can attract not only its "new demographics," but working and middle class white people in the flyover states who feel marginalized (including by that expression), and voted for Trump because he (falsely) promised to "Bring Back Jobs" and "Make America Great Again." (I believe more despite than because of his racism, misogyny and complicit homophobia). 

​Bernie has not only a clear agenda, but a clear strategy. He understands that we have to mobilize and rebuild, and that it won't be easy, and that in the meantime we have to mobilize public opinion to oppose oppressive minority rule... because that is what it is. The electorate did reject Clinton, under our system, but we must keep in mind at all times that the majority who voted voted for the Democrat, Clinton. 

I want to encourage Keith Ellison (likely new DNC chair), Schumer, Pelosi, Elizabeth Warren, Bernie Sanders, and other Dem leaders to ​strongly back passage in enough additional blue and bluish states of the National Popular Vote compact (already passed by California, New York, and enough other states to comprise 165 electoral votes). If you aren't familiar, look it up on Wikipedia. Basically, it's state law, but when enough states pass it to equal 270, it goes into effect, and binds each state's electors to vote for the declared winner of the popular vote nationwide. Were such a law in effect in 2000, there would've been no Bush v. Gore, and Gore would've been the 43rd president. Were in in effect before Nov. 8 this year, Clinton would be preparing to become the 45th. Before 2000 the last time this happened was in 1888. It is a travesty of Democracy, that's happened twice now in a single generation. (It could happen to a Republican, too). We must never let this happen again. And Democrats on a national level need to strongly support it... which they failed to do after 2000. 

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