19 November 2016

Re: None dare call it ILLEGITIMATE?

AGREE. This is a travesty 

Why in the hell was my vote in Georgia totally nullified by those of the White Crackers? 

Electoral "College?"

~ Jean Clare Smith

On Nov 19, 2016, at 9:41 PM, David Studhalter (studhalter@gyromantic.com) <oldionus@gmail.com> wrote:

 The late count of the popular vote for Clinton over Trump is now very close to 1.5 million votes, far more than the margin of victory in several modern presidential elections. OK, then. This has to be said.

THIS CALLS INTO QUESTION THE LEGITIMACY OF THE ELECTORAL COLLEGE SYSTEM. It may be "the system," but legitimacy of republican (small-r) government derives, according to "inalienable" principles our founders clearly believed in, from THE CONSENT OF THE GOVERNED. Donald Trump does not have the consent of the governed. Not even close.

I will say it. The presidency of Donald Trump is not legitimate. (As was not, in my view, the first term of George W. Bush's). If he governs with anything like recognition of the issue of the fact that more than half the voters chose his opponent, we can limp through this Constitutional anomaly. But if, as it appears he will, he intends to continue the radical upending of governing norms
​ commenced by his party during the Clinton administration of the 90s,​
and essentially be a plutocratic autarch, then he MUST BE RESISTED, through civil disobedience and whatever procedural means are available to those of us who stand opposed to autocratic, anti-democratic governance.

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