29 November 2016

What truly terrifies me

I repeat: It shouldn't even be necessary to point out that Trump's saying burning the flag should result in jail time and loss of citizenship just shows that he has absolutely zero grasp of the First Amendment, either in its legal effect or its spirit. Nothing is more essential to what American Constitutionalism is all about.  

What truly terrifies me is the realization that the limits of power are only what we demand and what we refuse to allow. Trump has already shown that he is perfectly willing to lie brazenly about just about anything, ignore norms and laws, and arrogate unto himself powers and perquisites that are not actually allowed by any law or norms. So it is a small step to simply nullifying Constitutional limits to power by simply defying anyone to do anything about it... this is how Fascists operate. Does anyone really feel confident that our system is robust enough that this is not possible? Do you really picture THESE Republicans in Congress doing anything about the seizure of unwarranted power by these people?

We must unite, organize, stand firm, resist, refuse, protest, and persuade. We must join forces. We cannot allow our country to fall into the hands of people who care nothing for its founding principles and care only for protection of their privileges and arrogation of power unto themselves. Don't kid yourself... this is what Trump and the current crop of Republicans in Congress ARE, full stop.

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