29 November 2016

We must make this their Waterloo

You gotta wonder how many of the idiots who believed the worst serial liar ever to run for president and voted to elect Trump had any clue that he would immediately appoint someone to HHS who has declared his intention to achieve not only the complete destruction of the Affordable Care Act, but Medicare, the second most popular social program in history, and Medicaid, on which millions of Americans depend, as well? Can Social Security be far behind? 

We must make these attempts to destroy the social safety net the WATERLOO FOR THE REPUBLICAN PARTY. 

Organize! Act! Join! Contribute! Resist! Protest! Demonstrate! Write letters, call, and e-mail Congress! Do not sit idly by and let them do this! We won the popular vote, by 2.5 million votes, it now appears. We can organize and change course before it's too late, but it's gonna take involvement from millions of ordinary citizens. 


Are you in? 

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