09 November 2016


In my postmortem e mail, I said "if you voted for Trump (I don't think I know anyone who did well), or even for a Republican for Senate or a governorship, please unfriend me on Facebook and ask to unsubscribe from my e-mails. Sorry, but I don't care to know you. We don't share any common interest."

I toned that down considerably on Facebook, mainly out of consideration for my husband's relatives (there's something ...("my husband")...right there that would never have happened in Trump's America, and if his Alt Right loonie advisers have anything to say just might be undone). 

But, in calm retrospect (already at the first go-round of "acceptance"), I retract it. I actually want to maintain a dialog, even though in fact I hardly know anyone who voted for Trump or would even consider doing so. I have an inkling why people did that (Michael Moore, who predicted this outcome even as recently as a week ago, did a whole movie about it). The alienation. The anger. Some of that overlaps with Progressive alienation and anger. Their solution is ignorant, unthinking, counterproductive. And the powerful oligarchs they have now given power to will do enormous damage, until their unsustainable and fundamentally foolish policies collapse of their own weight. Which I predict will be sooner rather than later. But we must maintain the lines of communication. We are not in a civil war, and I hope and pray we never are. We must somehow find our way to a path forward. It will take quite some time, but there really is no viable alternative. And I do mean it when I say I am not going to be in the vanguard. I am on the threshold of old age, and this will be the job of people younger than myself. I will cheer them on, and maybe help here and there with a little money, and my vote. But that's about it.  

And I did mean it that I will not watch Trump on television. Ever. I feel no need to subject myself to that pain. I will read about what awful things are going on in our name in Washington in the "print" and "electronic print" media. No more MSNBC or evening news. No Meet the Press (not that I watched it anyway). I will try to read about what's going on in America as if it were the history of an unfortunate historical period long past. As, someday, it will be. 

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