20 November 2016

What REALLY scares me about Trump

I haven't yet seen this put quite this way, so here goes. What really scares me about Trump is not just that he shows unparalleled mendacity, narcissism, psychopathology, and every intention to pull the biggest bait and switch in history by gutting the key elements of the social safety net (after promising to enhance them), turning back the clock on all forms of social progress to the first gilded age, bankrupting the government, and selling off its assets and ongoing operations to the highest bidders (or in some cases, friends or relatives). These things are terrible, and frightening, and his authoritarian tendencies and apparent belief that no limits or rules apply to him at least hint at far worse even than that. But what really scares me is the realization that he and those who have put him in power do not care about losing elections in the future. They believe, probably correctly, that they have the tools at hand right now to do irreparable damage to our country (of course they think it's in their interests, but they will find out different; eventually a shrinking pie gives even those at the top smaller slices). And they think that damage will be so complete and irreversible given the current economic and political climate, not just in America but globally, that there will never, in the lifetime of most Americans, be any way back. And they may be right. 

Which, of course, is all the more reason why every American who cares about any of this is going to have to get out of their comfort zone and get active, organized, and militant. As my new e-mail signature says (and I hope it doesn't get me put into a Trump Branded reeducation camp), The people united will never be defeated! (The slogan of the Allende revolution that was brought to an abrupt end by a CIA coup in 1973 that resulted in his murder). 

♦ David Studhalter
¡El pueblo unido, jamás será vencido!
«The people united will never be defeated!»

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