18 December 2021


When I was a kid and "into cars" (like all boys were supposed to be), I thought this 
1964 Plymouth Valiant
... was a big improvement on this 
1962 Valiant (not Plymouth, just Valiant)
... designed by the legendary Virgil Exner. I thought the boxy 64 model, which was also the basis of the Barracuda, was "sleeker" and "more modern." Tastes change. I now see the original Valiant as what the Studebaker Lark was supposed to be, and a real classy design. They're rare now. When I was in high school, you could buy one with its legendary half-million mile slant six engine, for about $450. Now, if it's got a decent body and not too torn up, they're about $11,000, more than five times what they cost new. 

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