03 December 2021

Holy crap

Let me just say this real simple-like. As a nation, we barely squeaked by the last election with our republic intact despite a truly decisive popular-vote victory nationally in the presidency, House and Senate. And the insurrectionist forces that seek to undermine our constitutional democracy have not let up. We now have well organized institutionalized pro-insurrectionist media propaganda 24-7, states which have so gerrymandered the House seats that a right wing victory is highly likely in 2022, a Senate which is so distorted from any kind of democratic norm structurally that it's likely 30-35% of the voters will take a majority of the Senate, either next year or in '24. And the Senate cannot function without a supermajority anyway thanks to probably the worst institutional structural distortion among any major counties' elected legislatures. States controlled by the insurrectionist faction and right wing judges have ensured that massive and effective voter suppression will occur, and that laws making it extremely difficult for Democratic voters to vote are enacted and kept in force. Meanwhile, the Democratic party seems unable to organize any effective counter to these developments, and the mainstream press, so obsessed with fictitious "balance," focuses almost entirely on negative stories that make the right wing insurrectionists seem normal and the only political party that is seeking to maintain the republic seem weak and ineffective. 

Face it folks, at least since 1860, there has never been a greater threat to our republic, either internal or external, and we are failing to rise to the challenge. 

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