10 December 2021

Pandemic trumps economy apparently

If you think the psychology of the continuing pandemic isn't having a devastating political effect, then how can you account for the fact that the first three quarters had a real GDP growth rate of 7.8%, higher than in decades, in other words an economy roaring back.... but the Democrats are unable to make that seem like good news and turn any credit electorally from the economic policy changes they passed? Which are obviously working? Usually when record numbers of people feel secure enough to quit jobs, knowing it's easy to get another job, that's called "boom times" and everyone is fat and happy. 

Of course, the pandemic policies of the Biden administration have been vastly superior to those of the former guy as well, but the real truth is that presidents and even governments can't actually control pandemics. There are points to criticize, but much of what has happened since Biden took office in this sphere is beyond anyone's control. 

Sure supply chain problems persist for certain imported goods, but the reality is that just about anyone who wants to work can get a job, most commodities, in particular food, are readily available and, despite inflation, people are buying what they want. Yet most people when asked think the economy is bad and blame Biden. 

Democrats had better figure out how to turn around the messaging on all this or we're in for a world of hurt come the midterms. 

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