30 December 2021

Joe Manchin and a Center Left/Progressive Majority

I keep reading about "left rage" at Joe Manchin. Which I admit I felt... and strongly... in the immediate aftermath of what I thought of as the "big betrayal" on BBB. I still think he pretty much lied, and deliberately led Democratic negotiators on when he never intended to vote for it. But I'm over it. Wasting time raging against Manchin accomplishes nothing. Democrats need to focus on the bills we can get passed, and, especially, on rebuilding our message, funding and campaign for the upcoming elections. Which by all accounts will be a steep uphill climb, at best. Getting the best reform of voting rights we can manage, even if it means paring it down to key points where we can actually get Republican support, is part of that. 

The fact is, we may have had a nominal Democratic majority after the 2020 elections, but we did not have a Center Left or Progressive majority, and we can't get a Center Left or Progressive agenda passed until we do. This is not even likely right now, but if we don't fight for it, we certainly won't achieve it. 

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