25 December 2021

Re: JWST successful launch

Don't forget that it was a joint project with Canada's Space Agency, the European Space Agency and NASA. 
As a Canadian-American, I am so proud of Canada's involvement.

On Sat, Dec 25, 2021 at 8:41 AM David Studhalter (ds@gyromantic.com) <oldionus@gmail.com> wrote:
Congratulations to ESA and Ariane Space for delivering the JWST to space; now the mission depends primarily on the critical engineering of NASA and the various US based agencies responsible for this amazing mission. It will take about a month before the telescope's "first light." Wishing well for a project that's taken many years and a hell of lot of exacting and detailed work to get us to this point. And by "us" I mean the whole world. 

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