19 December 2021

Manchin the program killer

Let me just say this. Now that it's clear that Joe Manchin has torpedoed the Democratic agenda, let's face facts. Manchin is a f*king liar. He strung other Democrats including the president along for months and months, got everything he said he wanted, then said, F*k you, the answer is no anyway. I suspect there's no point in attempting to negotiate with him further. The sad truth is that we Democrats only thought we ever had a Democratic majority in the Senate. Manchin is not and never was a Democrat. He's a mole, taking orders from McConnell. Our system of disproportionate representation in the Senate is now being shown up for what it is: a fatal flaw in our system that makes long term minoritarian rule not only possible but inevitable. 

Nonetheless, although the way forward looks pretty bleak, I think it's time to start delivering the message that Democrats have great ideas and can put them in effect, but only if voters give us majorities. We cannot pass legislation in the face of unified opposition from the Insurrectionist party and no majority in the Senate. Sadly. 

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