10 October 2022

Automakers that have missed the Electric Wave are in BIG trouble

See this to understand some of the major reasons why Tesla will soon sell more cars than any other company in North America and why companies have ignored the rapid shift to electric cars  -- past the tipping point already -- are going to lose market share and some even go bankrupt. Like all the Japanese makers (including Nissan's Renault*), Stellantis (Fiat/Peugeot Chrysler), and most automakers other than Korea's Hyundai Group, and the Chinese, as a group. Ford and GM are barely competitive. Mercedes, BMW, and VW are also barely in the game. This is the biggest disruption of the auto industry since the 1920s. 


*Nissan produced one of the first successful electric cars, the Leaf, but they have dropped the ball and are not really competitive; also their conversion from ICE has been, pardon the pun, glacial. Toyota is worse, and none of the other Japanese makers have produced viable electric cars in any numbers. 

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