21 October 2022

Tesla Model 2 coming

I own a Kia EV, but I'm a realist. I'm interested in the Aptera three wheeled autocycle, which can generate about 40 mi. worth of range just by being parked in the sun for a day (production is about to start, sales next year, delivery of current orders probably late 2024). But the real news in EVs is, as it often has been, Tesla. They have worked out technology and manufacturing for cheaper, better batteries, and the actual production of a much cheaper small car, which is probably going to be called the Model 2. It will likely be built in China, and so not eligible for the $7500 credit (they're current cars don't get the current credit either but they still sell well). But, here's the thing. It will compete directly with cars like the Bolt and the new Kia EV4, which is still a couple of years away. Small hatchback. Not tiny, but small. Expected price: about $25,000. For a Tesla, which will share most parts with its big brothers. This will definitely accelerate the huge shift to electric cars already underway. Tesla, unlike all the Japanese, other American, and European manufacturers, is retaining and expanding a technological and manufacturing advantage. Their only really strong competitor is the Chinese company BYD. 

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