12 October 2022

Polarization at a tipping point?

Interesting discussion in the NYT. Here

I agree with those that say that an actual war, like the 1861-1865 Civil War, is essentially impossible, because the Federal government has massive weaponry. But there is a real question whether the military would follow the orders of a Trump (not necessarily Trump himself, who may not be capable of this at this point).... who had seized power through fraud. By which I mean massive disenfranchisement of voters, beyond even the amount of that that's built into our current non-democratic presidential and senatorial electoral systems. If they were to do it with the complicity of the Supreme Court (which seems all too possible), then they would probably have the military behind them. And what we would have would be a 1921 Mussolini military coup, in effect, not a civil war. What that would entail for the future I almost literally shudder to think. But with an actual majority opposed to that outcome, it would be a very unstable situation. The sad truth is that faced with overwhelming authoritarian power, most people just accept the situation and begin rationalizing how it's actually fine. Right up until and even after Stalingrad most Germans were complicit, even supportive, in the Nazi regime. Is this bad, bad, bad? No. It's worse. 

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