13 October 2022

Music videos on YT a real treasure trove

One of my real pleasures these days is regularly dipping into the wonderful video recorded performances of music, especially sacred music like the Bach Stiftung and Netherlands Bach Ensemble on YouTube. I pay for premium to avoid ads, and it's worth it. Like this, Cantata No. 77, Du sollt Gott, deinen Herrn, lieben, performed by the Bach Stiftung of Switzerland, conducted by the estimable Rudolf Lutz. (This isn't even a particularly well known or exceptional cantata; this is workaday Bach, which means reliably far superior to any of his contemporaries). These are first rate performances, far better, in general, than anything available on records 50 years ago when I first discovered the wonders of Bach's cantatas, and it's all free. And the visual component is a huge plus as well. Of course it helps to have decent sound on whatever you use watch YouTube. I cast to a TV with auxiliary high fidelity speakers. (And I send them a little money now and them and get nice programs and letters (in German) from them). 

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