13 October 2022

What it will take to land Trump in Jail

There's a certain irony that the case which seems to be the most likely to put Failed Former President Trump in an orange jumpsuit is the one where he probably had little to gain other than sheer ego aggrandizement. I appreciate that there are serious and real national security concerns with the classified documents, but it's not actually that easy to monetize something like that, and now that there is laserlike attention on them, he can't really profit. Yet he's doubled down, virtually admitting guilt and compounding the law violations with dead to rights, openly recorded obstruction of justice. The insurrection and seditious conspiracy is probably worse but more complex and harder to prove. It is Mar a Lago that seems most likely to land him in actual jail.  

Maybe if, mirabile dictu, the House remains under Democratic control, it will be easier to force him to testify about his role in the only time a president has ever instigated an insurrection against the United States when all they have to do is request the Bureau of Prisons to deliver him to the Capitol for the hearing. 

One can hope. 

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