14 October 2022

Democracy in Peril

We all know that Trump, however canny and good at schmoozing people, cannot write a single paragraph of coherent prose, much less 14 pages. So you have to wonder what brand of idiot does he have working for him who cannot understand that the size of the Insurrection crowd is totally irrelevant to the case made by the Jan. 6 committee that this f*ker is guilty of treason (one definition: making war on the United States), or at least seditious conspiracy. Michael Cohen went out on a limb and bet Chuck Todd $1 that Trump will never in hell appear before the committee. Not exactly a longshot. UNLESS. Unless the Democrats win enough races to keep the House in November. Not perhaps likely but certainly possible. If this committee is reconstituted and reissues its subpena, and Garland does indeed indict Trump in the Mar a Lago case, he may have no choice, since he will be in custody. 

And, folks, if we lose even just the House, our democracy is in its greatest peril since the Civil War. This is not hyperbole. Please take this threat seriously. Vote. Make all your friends and relatives vote. So very, very much is at stake. 

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