07 January 2009

538 on WSJ editorial on Minnesota Senate Race

538 has an interesting article about the Wall Street Journal's ridiculously biased and mostly wrong editorial about the Minnesota Senate race, which also gives a lot of fascinating detail about the intricacies of this disputed election. Mainly, though, it illustrates what a dishonorable and dishonest rag the editorial portion of the WSJ has become; on a par with Bill O'Reilly and Britt Hume.

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  1. Well, the article seemed to be a typo-laden rebuttal of the WSJ editorial. G-d help us all, the comments to that article devolved to a third grade food fight pretty quickly. Makes me appreciate the few blogs I do read all the more.

    This is off-thread, but I wonder how it is some blogs have mainly commenters with something worthwhile reading to say, while other blogs have readers who only curse or insult each other? Art Linkletter had it: People Are Funny.


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