29 January 2009

Climate Wars on CBC

There's a new series on CBC Radio's Best of Ideas, called Climate Wars. I listen via podcast, and only started to listen to the three part series (two parts already released). Right off the bat host Gwynne Dyer (and he is dire) says that most climate scientists just in the last few years have gone from serious concern to "a controlled state of panic."

From blurb for part II:

Global warming is moving much more quickly than scientists thought it would. Even if the biggest current and prospective emitters - the United States, China and India - were to slam on the brakes today, the earth would continue to heat up for decades. At best, we may be able to slow things down and deal with the consequences, without social and political breakdown. Gwynne Dyer examines several radical short- and medium-term measures now being considered—all of them controversial.

I will post more on this subject later.

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