06 January 2009

Feinstein: Burris should be seated

Having just thoroughly dissed Dianne Feinstein over the "Panetta peeve," I reluctantly agree with Josh Marshall: she's right in concluding that Blagojevich's appointment of Burris is legal and there's no really good reason not to seat him. I've changed my mind on this issue. Burris is a fool to have accepted this nomination, because he will never be free of the taint of Blagojevich. And Blagojevich is a sociopath and a thoroughly destructive agent in the whole affair, who obviously made this appointment out of spite. But the fact remains that he is governor, he had the right to do it, the secretary of state has no valid reason to withold certification, and the Senate has, never mind the right, no good reason not to seat him.

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