06 January 2009

Rick Warren is REALLY bad news

The indefatigable Max Blumenthal has been looking into what a hypocrite and force for ill in the world Obama's Innaugural invocater, «Pastor» Rick Warren, actually is.

Links: alternet ; maxblumenthal.com

Max also talked with Ian Masters on Live from the Left Coast [kpfk.org, (audio archives)--scroll down and download Background Briefing for Sunday, 4 January, mp3 format]. He mentioned that Warren supports the most hideous policies in places like Uganda and Rwanda, such as prison sentences for homosexuality, repression of condom and birth control programs which have resulted in increased AIDs incidence, etc.

Earth to President-elect Obama: this guy's bad news and you're betraying your base, that worked their butts off for you, letting him crash your party. (Especially after he set you up, lied to you about the infamous "coin toss" and "cone of silence", and handed John McCain an early propaganda victory last Summer in the so-called debate at his megachurch--didn't that piss you off just a bit?) Anyway, maybe you should've looked a little closer at just what purpose he's driving his life towards.

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