29 January 2009

Karl Rove's advice

Karl Rove is presuming, writing in the one-notch above Rush Limbaugh WSJ editorial pages, to advise Barack Obama: work less and cut staff. See HuffPo for commentary.

Rove is a devious, deceitful, and immoral person, who is likely facing prosecution for his conduct in the Siegelman case. He is virtually singlehandedly resonsible for the most shameless politicization of the former administration's executive functions imaginable. How he has the sheer gall to advise the Obama administration on any subject whatsoever is just beyond amazing.

I get that there's a need to set a high bar to avoid the tendency to criminalize politics, and to set the stage for recrimination and counter-recrimination each time power shifts peacefully in the playing out of the democratic process under the Constitution. But the conduct of some members of the just-exited administration, thought by many to be the very worst example in our nation's history, goes beyond the pale: some people belong in jail. And Karl Rove is one of them.

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