09 January 2009

Cheney callous and CLUELESS

It's really true, what Hannah Arendt said about the banality of evil. Simply put, the evil wrought by Dick Cheney, with all of its truly horrible consequences for our country, was, to all appearances, genuinely mostly not malicious. Just thoroughly callous and ignorant... and utterly, completely, and terribly clueless.

From AP News (Deb Reichmann) [via TPM Media]:

Vice President Dick Cheney says he sees no reason for President George W. Bush to pre-emptively pardon anyone who authorized or was involved in harsh interrogations of suspected terrorists.

Cheney also said during an interview Thursday with The Associated Press that he has no qualms about the reliability of intelligence obtained from terrorism suspects through waterboarding, a technique simulating drowning. The vice president said waterboarding has been used with "great discrimination by people who know what they're doing" and produced much valuable information.

He also said he doesn't think anyone at the CIA did anything illegal during interrogations. He says they followed the administration's legal opinions.

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