04 January 2011

Message to White House: CBS poll shows Americans overwhelmingly disfavor cuts to Social Security to reduce debt

The CBS 60 minutes poll showing that no more than 3% of those surveyed believe it's fair or reasonable to cut social security to help reduce debt or cut deficits should be a watchword for the President.

I believe we in the base have made it very clear that we expect more from this president in terms of standing up for CORE DEMOCRATIC VALUES. Of course it's going to be difficult to work with (and around) a Republican dominated House over the next two years. But the president should not lose sight of the economic realities, as explained over and over again by Nobel economists Stieglitz and Krugman, as well as Reich and Kuttner: cutting spending and focusing on deficits when we're still at or near the bottom of a deep, deep hole economically is NOT GOOD POLICY.

And, fundamentally, it is just not acceptable to renege on the commitment to middle class people who have paid payroll taxes since the 80s to fund social security far into the future. The president should say, right now, that there will be NO CUTS to social security, period, and any bill that reaches his desk with such cuts in it, NO MATTER WHAT ELSE is in the bill, WILL RECEIVE HIS VETO.

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