21 October 2004

Broder on perils of electoral college reform

See David Broder's article in today's Post purporting to explain the supposed perils of electoral college reform. Here's my e-mail to Mr. Broder:

David Broder
The Washginton Post

Mr. Broder:

I read your article about electoral college reform with interest. I do not, however, see the implied downside to the idea that minor candidates would have bargaining power in the event of run-offs. You do not explain how or why this would be bad for the country, and it seems to me the opposite is true.

Also, you do not really explain the reasoning for proposals under which a presidential candidate would be a victor with a smaller-than-majority vote. In countries (and there are many) that have presidential run-off elections, it is typical that in order to win outright a candidate must garner an absolute majority. It seems to me this is the preferred standard; run-off elections would become the rule rather than the exception. Again, if there is a significant downside to this it hasn't been made clear to me either in your article or anywhere else.

Thank you.

David Studhalter

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