20 October 2004

Pat Buchanan's outrage

You may want to hold your nose and read Pat Buchanan's outrageously offensive piece on the trumped up Mary Cheney as lesbian daughter affair. Here's my e-mail to Pat.

To Pat Buchanan:

Your article on Kerry's comment about Mary Cheney in the third debate is one of the most patently offensive pieces of political writing I have seen in many years. You obviously share the Bush agenda to turn back the clock to the McKinley era, even in social matters. I hope you and those who think like you are trounced by the forces of civilization in this election... forces which have left your ideas in the weary past long since.

Reference to homosexuality as "an affliction," and reference to non-homosexuals as "normal men," are, in case you aren't aware, indicative of a mindset that the vast majority of Americans, not to mention mental health professionals, abandoned DECADES ago.

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