01 October 2004

Decisive Win for Kerry

People always tend to see their preffered guy in a favorable light, but it seemed very clear to me that Kerry was decisive, coherent, intelligent, substantive, gracious, and sober; while the Prez was testy, repetitive, simplistic, and far more inclined to make conclusory statements rather than offer thought-out reasons for his positions.

I think this was a solid win for Kerry, and I just hope enough people were watching, and listening with an open mind, to change the direction of this election.

The whole thing was pretty much devoid of humor, despite Bush's snide and infantile sniggering here and there. This reflects, no doubt, on the seriousness of this election. Thus, the gravitas shown by Kerry, in contrast to the impression of contempt and arrogance displayed by Bush, should work to Kerry's advantage.

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