01 October 2004

Extent of Right Wing Nonsense

I came across a link on a bulletin board to this inane little observation on one of the Bushies' BBSs.

Of Bush, Kerry, and Bush's NecktieMy fevered brow 10-01-2004 By Laz
Posted on 10/01/2004 11:59:30 AM PDT by
I noticed something last night.
G.W. Bush's necktie was askew. It looked unprofessional. I wondered HOW in the heck that could have happened.
Then during the replay, I saw how it happened. When Kerry greeted Bush, Kerry held on to Bush's hand as Bush was walking away. Bush was forced to awkwardly stretch his torso, dislodging the correct placement of the tie.
I initially thought it was all happenstance. But on further review, I saw that Kerry made a point of adjusting his tie after the handshake, just in case the manuever dislodged his too.
Maybe it was an accident, maybe not. I think not. If anyone has contacts to Bush, please advise them of this possible purposeful action, or at the very least, MAKE SURE BUSH'S TIE IS STRAIGHT. I was focused on the tie, it looked so sloppy.

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