18 October 2004

demise - Word for the Day

demise · dih-'mAIz · verb
Inflected Form(s): demised; demising
transitive senses
1 : to convey (as an estate) by will or lease
2 obsolete : to convey, to give (in general)
3 : to transmit by succession or inheritance
intransitive senses
1 : to die; decease
2 : to pass by descent or bequest [the property has demised to the king]
adjective demised
: (legal) of that which is conveyed, as by a lease
1 : the conveyance of an estate
2 : transfer of the sovereignty to a successor
3 a) : death; b) : a cessation of existence or activity; c) : a loss of position or status
Etymology: Middle French, feminine of demis, past participle of demettre to dismiss, from Latin demittere to send down, from de- + mittere to send; cf. dismiss, remiss, missa, mass.

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