18 October 2004

Safire's non-existent scandal: Mary Cheney

This is William Safire's rather vapid column about the supposed scandal of mentioning Mary Cheney's sexual orientation in the debates.

This was my e-mail to Safire, which I doubt he will ever read:

Mr. Safire,

I do not believe you have any evidence that there was premeditation to the subject of Mary Cheney's lesbianism. Quite frankly, your references to it are insulting to gays and lesbians and disingenuous. Even if there were a "rehearsal" of mention of Mary Cheney, the real "low blows" in this campaign ... the constant cavalier twisting and distortion of Kerry's and Edwards's statements by Bush and Rove's minions, and the outrageous misrepresentations of Kerry's military service perpetuated by barely deniable Bush campaign allies, are so much worse that the idea that this is a scandal is frankly ludicrous. If that's the best you can come up with, I think Kerry and Edwards have nothing to fear from the Right Wing scandal mongers like you.

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