31 December 2008

Burriss should step aside

I have no particular animus towards Roland Burriss. I think he was a fool to accept a nomination from Blagojevich, since it (predictably) probably will effectively end his political career instead of propelling him into the Senate, but that doesn't reflect on him much beyond that he was a bit blinded by ambition; hardly unusual in a politician.

To add to that, however, I have to say that this story, showing his gigantic pre-need memorial monument, is indicative of a genuinely narcissitic personality. We've got enough of those types in the Senate already.

As I understand it, it's an open question whether the Senate's constitutional power to determine the "qualifications" of its members, and the validity of their election (as opposed to appointment), gives the body the power to do anything other than seat Mr. Burriss. But since there is pretty solid opposition to accepting any appointment made by Blagojevich, I join Democrats all over the nation in calling on him to step aside for the good of the Republic, to allow an orderly process of selection (no doubt of someone else)-- free of the taint of Gov. Blagojevich.

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