29 December 2008

Gaza war a part of tragic Bush/Rice legacy

I just commented (below) on how ineffectual Condoleeza Rice has been. I think the war in Gaza right now is a prime example. The Bush administration's policy towards Israeli/Palestininian peace has been utterly incompetent, and this is the fruit: a part of the tragic legacy of this totally failed administration.

I fear that the Obama team is too much aligned with the same old thinking, when a completely different approach; one which might take some pointers from former President Carter, is what's needed. (Carter gets a lot of unjustified criticism, but he's the only U.S. president who ever achieved any lasting progress towards Middle East peace. That should give him credibility beyond anyone else's, but for some reason, it doesn't).

At least, Obama, and his team of foreign policy advisers, including Clinton as Secretary of State, clearly want to take action to try to change the dynamic and get some kind of serious peace process restarted. The failure of the Bush administration has mostly been its unwillingness to really take the situation seriously, or to commit any resources to it at all. As a result, the entire Israel/Palestine political situation has deteriorated steadily, exacerbated by U.S. policies in Iraq and Afghanistan, which have also been spectacularly incompetent.

Update 12/30: Let's hope reports today that Hamas is suing for a truce, and the Israelis are considering it, are true, and that a truce indeed materializes. May peace prevail in our World.

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