15 December 2008

Guest Post by Nancy S.: Automaker Industrial complex?

I am honored to be able to post on Gyro, my brother's blog. I have many opinions, some insights and commentary about the American scene as reported to me on Link TV, Free Speech TV, CNBC, Fox News, MSNBC and C-Span and various books and blogs.

Remember the military industrial congressional complex. How come defense contractors don't need bailouts...maybe because they already get such a gigantic chunk of the Pentagon's $800B budget every year? I don't know for sure...but maybe Congress could think about giving the automakers a budget like that and then we can buy our cars through our Senators. Of course they would have to have cute cars, sleek cars, roomy cars etc. The Car Czar could do some market research and get back to us.

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  1. That's fair and balanced. Personally, I cannot watch Fox News.


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