10 December 2008

Highly Recommended: The Predator State / Jamie Galbraith

I finally got around to reading the last couple of chapters of The Predator State, by Jamie Galbraith, which I had set aside a few weeks ago after returning from a trip to France.

I can't reccommend this book highly enough for the big picture of what's been wrong with the U.S. economy for some time, and where we could go from here. Definitely will not be agreeable to those who believe in the ability of "free markets" to solve all problems, but for those whose concepts range to the kinds of checks and balances necessary to make the economy work equitably and well for all the people, it's a welcome and useful synthesis. It was written before the current crisis, and contains nothing really shocking or radical, but it is a clear and systematic exposition of intelligent liberal thinking on the economy.

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