09 November 2010

And TODAY's message to the White House... on extending the Bush Tax Cuts

Right Winger Cantor says no compromise on extension of Bush Tax Cuts. I agree with him. There's no reason to compromise. Pass a bill in the lame duck house that fulfills the President's promise to extend cuts only on those earning less than $200K. If the Republicans block it, say, we passed an extension of middle class tax cuts, but they blocked it. Then if they pass anything else in their new House, and it somehow squeaks through the Senate (due to defections, which the President should strive to prevent)... VETO the damn thing and explain to the American people that we just can't AFFORD to continue giving tax cuts to the very rich when our country's debt is so high... it's time the very rich paid their fair share.

This issue is a winner for Democrats, if they don't just weasel as usual. The president's signaling willingness to compromise on this issue is yet another example of this administration's unfortunate predilection for giving up before there's even a fight.

Time to stand up for what's right and END THE BUSH TAX CUTS FOR THE RICH... even if it means ending ALL the Bush Tax Cuts...which can be blamed on the Republicans if it happens!

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