04 November 2010

Yet Another Comment to the White House

There's a lot of recrimination going around and "what we should have done" armchair quarterbacking. Not useful.

Going forward: the president needs to counter the "healthcare spending" meme by pointing out every time he can that independent analysts say the health care bill will SAVE money, and SAY it: McConnell and the Republicans are LYING. Tout the things in the law that ARE very popular by themselves, like preexisting conditions and exchanges that will make health care more affordable for individuals. Promise that we will make further improvements that reign in costs more, and that everyone will have health security at net cost savings overall.

Same with other Republican lies. We're going to have a lot of Gridlock; it has to be framed as Republican obstruction. The Dems need to introduce clean bills and the president needs to go on the air and ask people directly to call their legislators and demand they vote for them, without trying to amend them out of existence. When the Republicans mess with legislation and it's just not acceptable, the president needs to not by shy about vetoing it, but then, GO ON THE AIR and explain in plain language exactly why, naming names and spelling out exactly what the Republicans have done to block progress. Each time, ask people to contact their congress members and Senators and demand that they stop obstructing progress.

Thank you. 

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