10 November 2010

Comments on Bowles/Simpson to my congressman and senators

It is just incredible to me that this commission, which was supposed to find a way past gridlock, not make policy recommendations, has proposed eviscerating social security. Social security, unlike even Medicare, is off budget and in the black. There is no justification for stealing from this program to make up for other budget deficiencies. Further, cutting back on the spending income of seniors, every penny of which is spent and has a multiplier effect in the economy, is a recipe for further economic stagnation and prolonged recession.

This "plan" should be DEAD ON ARRIVAL.

Social Security is a sacred trust. Working people have been paying more than the cost of this program for decades, and millions and millions of people plan on its being a reliable component... or in some cases all ...of their retirement security.

I urge you to vote NO on ALL bills that propose to balance the budget on the backs of seniors and working people.

Any member of congress who votes to cut social security is signing on to a RECIPE FOR DEFEAT.

Thank you.

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