30 November 2010

Spitzer: Pres. Obama... please tell us what your plan is!

Elliot Spitzer has an interesting... albeit deeply flawed... suggestion for an Obama speech touting a plan for the next two years.

Where he goes way off is his claim that North Korea's recent attacks were at "China's behest," which is, I think, unsubstantiated and highly unlikely. The suggestion about retaliation for currency manipulation is probably not too well thought out either, although some policy here is needed.

The plan to "means test" social security and medicare is a non-starter. Forget it. Social security is something American workers have paid for, beyond its current costs, for decades. It's just not acceptable to renege on that deal. The program, 20 years out, can be revamped, but anyone within 20 years of retirement age should get their benefits, period. Better to make the payroll tax progressive and remove income caps going forward, and control all medical costs through more health care reform.

But Spitzer's main point... that Obama needs to communicate some kind of vision, incorporating basic Liberal Democratic principles, and soon... is right on.

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